Smart Answers for Today's Research Questions
Synqrinus Smart Answers for Today’s Research Questions

We’re a new breed of research agency, combining consumer-driven technology with decades of expertise to provide fast and low-cost actionable answers to key marketing questions.

Our proprietary suite of online quali-quant tools allows us to launch studies in hours and deliver in-depth actionable insights in days, without compromising quality.

Our Founding Principles





Introducing Pulse


Purpose: Evaluate and optimize any form of advertising


Purpose: Evaluate brand positionings and new product concepts


Purpose: Evaluate current, new or competitive packaging


Purpose: Evaluate and optimize any shopper experience

Designed to answer today’s most frequent marketing research questions, Pulse allows us to launch studies in hours and deliver in-depth actionable insights in just days.

  • Fully integrated quali–quant methodology combines rigorous metrics with explanatory consumer insights
  • Competitive or internal benchmarks for meaningful comparisons
  • Customizable modular design for flexibility
  • Intuitive engaging respondent online experience
  • Dedicated senior researchers for project design and analysis
  • Comprehensive reports and in-person debriefs

… at half the cost of traditional research studies.

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Andrew Spicer – Managing Director

Being a serial research innovator with a background in engineering, it was almost inevitable that Andrew would create Synqrinus. He is passionate about developing new methods and approaches that provide better value and truly deliver the quality insights necessary to drive marketing and business strategies forward.

Andrew first entered the field of marketing research in 1998. Since that time he has managed hundreds of qualitative and quantitative projects. He has worked across most marketing categories, but with a particular on focus on food and beverage with clients such as A&W, General Mills, Diageo, Ferrero and Cadbury.

Andrew’s comfort and fascination with new research technologies coupled with the hands on experience of running a full service research company as Managing Director of QRI gives him a unique skill set — he’s able to see the bigger picture, dig into the tiniest minutia and understand how all the pieces can and should work together to help clients understand their consumers and build their brands.

Andrew is a married father of two young children, a runner and an avid Detroit Tigers fan but please don’t hold that against him.
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Paul Neumann – Partner

Unconventional and empathetic typify Paul’s career to date. An unplanned yet exciting journey spanning sixteen plus years has allowed Paul the valuable opportunity to see and work with consumer and brand research from many different angles.

His broad range of experience on both the agency and client side includes ten years in research and planning and seven years in brand management working across a range of blue chip brands including Campbell’s, Hellman’s, Skippy, Snapple, Tommy Hilfiger, Crown Royal, Smirnoff, Guinness and Grand Marnier in Canada and the United States.

Now as a partner of Synqrinus, Paul is determined to apply all his learning and understanding to develop and provide powerful consumer research insights that make sense for today’s fast moving marketing world.

Paul is married with two young daughters who are growing up way too fast. When time allows, he does his best to stay active and try as many sports as his body will endure.
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Synqrinus has a unique structure of experienced passionate researchers working alongside a dedicated technology development group. If you think you have the passion and smarts to join this team please get in touch. We are growing fast and are always interested in meeting great people.


With more than seven years of global market research agency experience, Josh has designed and executed countless projects for top tier clients across a broad range of businesses. An expressive storyteller of data, he combines technical research skills with an innate curiosity to dig deeper and uncover the “whys” behind his findings.

His fascination with understanding people and society drove him to the Dean’s List at U of T with a BA in Sociology, followed with an MA from McGill. As a research professional Josh’s insights have been published in the Millward Brown Knowledge Bank and used in award winning industry submissions to the Cassies and MRIA.

If Josh wasn’t already doing what he loved, he would be teaching classical sociological theory to university students, or sitting on a park bench watching people. Outside work, Josh is an avid traveler, dedicated volunteer, proud fan of ‘80s music and member of the AGO.


With a BS and MA in Psychology from U of T, Shadi is driven by a passion to understand how people work, and as such he started off as an academic researcher working with large data sets and statistical analyses investigating the neural underpinnings of behavior.

Realizing that academia was far removed from day-to-day business and life, he moved into marketing research where he gets to use his well-honed analytical skills to understand and explain today’s consumer behavior.

Outside of work, Shadi plays the alto sax, fundraises for mental health charities and to maintain his own physical and mental health, runs and reads sci-fi books. He wants to be prepared in case a global emergency needs him to be at the forefront of space exploration.


Harshad wears several hats at Synqrinus. As an experienced quantitative researcher he oversees all our fieldwork to ensure every project provides the data quality and rigor required to deliver its insights and analyses.

He is also instrumental in developing our proprietary software used to manage the actual data collection and analysis as well as many of the online interfaces used by respondents answering our studies.

This multifaceted role is not surprising given his background. An MBA graduate from Uof T, Harshad worked in the software industry, programming and leading software implementation teams prior to starting his career as a researcher at QRI.

His technological know-how, original ideas, and problem solving skills coupled with his quantitative research analytical experience is a powerful combination for Synqrinus, although it does mean he does not have much time for his hobbies which include travelling and reading about science and philosophy.


Nik is a technology innovator, who is passionate about creating new ways of doing business. His eclectic background includes computer programming, parliamentary debate and a business degree from the Schulich School of Business

Programming ever since he can remember; computers, games and software sparked his passion for technology and honed his logical thinking. For Nik just because something has always been done a certain way, it does not mean it’s the best way to do it. His debating skills come to play in communicating and analyzing every possible side to an issue. His business background allows him to keep the eye on the ball, paying close attention to what truly matters for research to impact marketing decisions .

Outside of work Nik is fond of gaming and playing guitar and tennis (although not at the same time). If Nik was not in market research he says you would have found him working as an intellectual property lawyer and only his logical mind can explain the connection!


Randi spent the first part of her career working for conservation organizations developing and delivering education and outreach programs on everything from diatoms to dinosaurs.

She has a Bachelor and Masters degree in Environmental Studies with a special interest in social marketing and planning. Her extensive experience in building community engagement and consummate project management skills translate well to her role at Synqrinus. Supporting the research team, she is keen to help consumers express their voices, and carefully codes their opinions, helps analyse their data and keeps the projects on track, as well as generally keeping everyone at Synqrinus organized and engaged.

Outside of the office, Randi can be found exploring Toronto’s ravine system, seeking out one-person shows in small theatre venues, or participating in improv acting workshops. Having lived in other countries, Randi is now a polyglot. And if you don’t know what that is, you’ll have to ask her one day!